Chapter 11. Interlude II: The meaning of life

Mr. Clear
2 min readJun 9, 2022


First and foremost, the meaning of life is simply to live. To experience life. To survive, to live, to try to live on.

We are life.

Life exists in various forms. And we’re just one of those forms.

The purpose of existence is to exist. The meaning of life is to live.

Regardless of what’s happening in our life. Regardless of what experience we’re having.

But, we’ve created and currently live in a society that enables most of us to spend a lot less time and energy on actual survival than we used to. But in exchange, our society demands that we operate within the facade of survival it has created.

And so, whatever we associate with survival at any moment in time gives our lives meaning.

Anything can represent survival or a way of living on — our education, our career, our mission, our legacy, our significant other, our family, our friends, our children

Anything can mean the world to us. Anything can be the reason we want to exist. Anything can make our lives worth living.

We associate different meanings with different stages of our lives.

And so, our lives have whatever meaning we give it, in the moment.

We search, we find, we try to achieve. But even if we achieve our meaning, it’s just replaced by another one. So then the search starts again.

And so, the meaning of life is also just a constant search for meaning. It’s to go through the process of searching, finding, and trying to achieve, over and over again.

So, the meaning of life is three-fold, on three different levels:

First, the meaning of life is to live.

But it’s also to be on a constant search for meaning within our societal framework.

And finally, whatever meaning we’re trying to achieve in the moment is our meaning in that moment.